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Crypto-Z–Season One

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Our First Music Album Is Here!

Our First Music Album is Here! Discover Crypto-Z’s First Original Soundtrack,
27 entirely remix tracks to download and add to your music library!

Crypto-Z Original Soundtrack is now live on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you find your music!

about us

Welcome to euphonie™! Living stories that unfold with you.

euphonie™ is an entertainment company dedicated to creating reactive high-quality narrative experiences to invite in your life.

We want to reinvent the creative process, merge the community with the development, in order to create stories that you can part of.

In other words, stories that will spark conversation and togetherness.

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1 California —2 Texas — 3 New York — 4 Washington — 5 Illinois — 6 Florida — 7 Pennsylvania — 8 Ohio — 9 Michigan — 10 North Carolina

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