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Welcome to euphonie™! Living stories that unfold with you.

euphonie™ is an entertainment company dedicated to creating reactive high-quality narrative experiences to invite in your life.

We want to reinvent the creative process, merge the community with the development, in order to create stories that you can part of.

In other words, stories that will spark conversation and togetherness.

Things we think are worth sharing.

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Start from the beginning.

Episode 01 – The Hunt for the Ancestor

In episode one, Jane Silver is sent out on her first mission to track and capture the mesmerizing and menacing Iceman.

Episode 02 – The Secret History Of Cryptids

In episode two, Jane Silver and Felix Bright ascend the interminable icy mountain. While they climb up, we dive deeper and deeper into their past and the secrets they hold.

Episode 03 – The Discovery of Monsters

In episode three, Jane Silver and Felix Bright follow the Iceman inside the passage only to find an inconceivable truth. Was Jane Silver’s encounter a fabrication?

Episode 04 – The Arcade of Caves

In episode four, Jane Silver and Felix Bright are ambushed with little chance to escape. But the real danger may be coming from somewhere else…

Episode 05 – The Village of the Icemen

In episode five, while Jane and Felix are held prisoner by the Icemen, Felix’s true nature is exposed. Jane’s greatest secret is also revealed.

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