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Show Up As Your Best-Self

Zoom-Workshop lead by acting professor and storyteller,
to help you find your voice and create opportunities in your remote work life


(Special Introductory Pricing | Only 6 Seats Available Per Session)

        Understand the art of storytelling and apply it

        Engage your audience in your passion

        Make the camera your friend, not your adversary!

        Be at ease and radiate personality

Q&A: get your tough questions answered

A New Workshop to Help You Thrive In Your Remote Work Life

We will help you discover your core strengths, apply lessons from storytellers and actors, and work your public-speaking muscle for the new normal and beyond.

— Humanize Your Remote Work Life
— Stay Passionate and Engaged
— Control Your Energy To Avoid Fatigue
— Build Confidence

How are you showing up?

Remote meetings, job interviews, pitches, negotiation, and even teaching have become harder since the world has gone remote.

It can feel dehumanizing and discouraging. It’s not your fault. You haven’t been trained.

Your image is everything!

A famous study (Mehrabian & Wiener, 1967) discovered that 80% of communication is non-verbal. So how can we really communicate efficiently when all we have is a webcam, a microphone and a small rectangle of space in someone else’s screen?

Learn from actors and understand your medium

We are all broadcasting our image and our personalities through cameras, computers, and microphones. It’s a whole new universe.
Actors understand their medium and thrive on constraints. Let’s learn from them.

The New Normal is your opportunity to transform

Speak confidently

Lean into your strengths and identify and tackle your weaknesses


Earn and retain the attention of your audience, harness your emotions, articulate your passion

Practice Storytelling

Improve your storytelling, business pitching, video performing, interviewing, public speaking, and podcasting skills

What’s special about this workshop?

A highly personalized and intimate Zoom Workshop

in which each participant will actively work on their particular needs and skills

Do you have an event, a pitch, or a job interview coming up?

Let’s work together!

We’ve designed exercises to help you improve any skills you want to focus on

We highly recommend that you bring your own material if you have anything specific you need to work on

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us before the workshop and we will guide you on how to best prepare for it

Is this workshop for you?

— Is Zoom getting in your way of achieving the results you seek?

— During a high-stakes meeting do you wish you had more control over your communication, your voice, and your thought process?

— Do you feel personalized coaching would help you rise to the next level?

Get insight into how the instructor works

For actors, the New Normal is really nothing new!

The ability to connect emotionally with your material and commit authentically to what you are saying is essential.

Whether as a Performer working on a role, or a Professional in an everyday situation when you may be requested to speak or present to an audience, that ability to tap into your own emotional life,
engage your own personality, and bring that connection to your audience is the secret to a dynamic, memorable
and compelling performance.

Connection and empathy are the pathways to communication.

All good Actors know this. And good film and television Actors have learned to effectively use the camera
and microphone to reach their audience. These tools are their allies, not obstacles. They open the door to connection.

This so-called New Normal is what actors use all the time in their professional lives.

About the instructor
Abigail Zealey Bess is an award-winning filmmaker, theatre director, and educator.
She is a member of Ensemble Studio Theatre, Cinefemme, SDC, Actors Studio PDU, NYWIFT, and Board Member of LPTW and Dell Arte Opera.
She is on the Faculty for the Graduate Film Program at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, Columbia University, NYCDA, and is represented by Linda Weaver at Access Talent

Show Up As Your Best-Self

A Fun and Interactive Zoom Workshop to Learn How to:

   Intensify Your Presence and Impact

   Captivate Your Audience

   Be Relaxed  & Radiate Personality

   Connect with your Passion

       Participate To The Workshop With Your Own Material


Special Introductory Pricing | Only 6 seats available per session
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