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Episode 01 – The Hunt for the Ancestor

The Hunt For The Ancestor

In episode one, Jane Silver is sent out on her first mission, to track and capture the mesmerizing and menacing Iceman.



Created by Hadrien Royo and Danielle Trussoni.

Fiona Sheehan as Jane Silver
Jamieson Price as Felix Bright

Colin McPhillamy as Dr. Gibbons
Kym Miller as Dr. Hana Uchida

This show is written by Danielle Trussoni
Produced by Hadrien Royo and R. Hollis Smith.
Original Music by Jordan Plotner
Directed by Hadrien Royo

Audio Supervision by R Hollis Smith
Music Mix by Timothy Leitner

Recorded in London, Los Angeles, New York City


Created By

  • Hadrien Royo
  • Danielle Trussoni


  • Fiona Sheehan
  • Jamieson Price
  • Colin McPhillamy
  • Kym Miller

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