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From writing and voice acting, to directing and audio production, see below to find out what learning opportunities Euphonie has to offer about the behind-the-scenes world of podcasting.

How to become a great voice actor w/ Fiona Sheehan

Have you ever wondered about how voice acting is different from stage, film, or TV? Fiona Sheehan (Jane Silver, Crypto-Z) shares her career tips, acting secrets, and audition processes as well as drama school advice and the importance of researching your character, a lesson she learned during a flirtatious scene with Ralph Fiennes. Join the conversation with Hadrien Royo and Fiona as they discuss these ideas as well as their creative process in creating Crypto-Z. Voice acting is freedom. Grow your wings and take off!

Why Do We Care? And 5 storytelling questions you need an answer to before starting w/ Danielle Trussoni

On this episode, you will discover why audio drama podcast are the most exciting innovation in storytelling right now, plus why and how you should jump in. New York Times bestselling author Danielle Trussoni shares writing tips and the five key questions you must absolutely answer before starting any narrative product. Join the conversation with Hadrien and Danielle about these topics and more, plus how they collaborated on the creative process of making Crypto-Z.

How To Start Your Career In Voice Acting w/ Jamieson Price

Do you hate hearing your own voice? You’re not alone. It’s a strange phenomenon for everyone! But those who decide to accept it will find a world of opportunity waiting for them. With more than 20 years of experience as an actor and voice actor for some of the biggest franchises in anime, video games, and animation, Jamieson Price helps us understand how you can start a career today and find new opportunities in the world of voice over work.